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Doll Grown Up formerly Cadaver Princess

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5/19/12 01:01 pm - New Account http://dollgrownup.livejournal.com/

  I've switched over my account to:  

I'll still be using this account to post and view to communities for now.

1/1/11 02:35 pm - Happy New Year!!

Many blessings this year to everyone!!

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9/12/09 12:34 pm - Moved! and Harlequin Cork Board

This week we have been moving all our belongings into my late father's condo. We plan to stay here until we find a new home for ourselves. My brother and I plan to rent out the place, but nothing is definite yet. I think we only plan to rent it out for several years. In the meantime we are sorting out our possessions and repacking. Our babies (kitties) are being baby sat at my mother in law's place.

I haven't been able to get to a doctor's appointment but it's because there is a less than efficient secretary at the hospital that never actually calls back from phone messages. No matter how many complaints we've had about her and how many assistants she is given.

On the exciting side of it, we are walking distance (15 to 20 minutes) from Pacific Mall, and the Asian grocery nearby sells ChocoBanana and Choco Coconut Pocky. Yum!

My project of the week has been to reconstruct my dad's old cork board. There are a ton of holes in it, but I figured since it'll be riddled with more holes in the near future, it should be fine. It was just a blank dusty rose painted cork with a silver aluminum frame. Pretty plain. I personally love harlequin diamond patterns. So I painted that on the pink board and then used an old picture frame to go around it. I'll be gluing and hanging it on the wall this weekend.

Just in case you'd like to do this craft as well:

Grab a picture frame that you love and a piece of cork board. Measure out a piece of cork board that will fit into the frame perfectly. Paint the board with white (or any other colour that you want the cross hatched stripes to be). When it dries use some masking or painter's tape to make some large Xs (it's best to measure first where you plan your Xs to go, so that they are evenly and equally spaced). After you have laid ont he tape, paint the diamonds and triangles various colours that you desire. After all the colours are painted on, carefully peel off the tape. Let the paint dry now. Once dried you can be creative with how you mount the cork against the frame. I'm going to be using carpenter's glue, just because I don't have thick staples to hammer into the frame and bend. Let dry, add something to hang it off of on the wall. Done!

(I'll polish up the tutorial a little better, later.)

Here's my end result.

I'll get some tutorials in soon on some cute push pins. :D

6/30/09 01:45 am - This week's creation.

I needed a new mouse pad. I don't really like to buy mine because I can never really find the right designs I like. my last one was a heart shaped mousepad with eyelet lace. It has since become a pad to hold other items on my desk. So instead I decided on a coffin shaped one.

12/24/08 01:09 pm - Happy Holidays!

I  had a nice Yule making crafts and spending my time reflecting on the meaning of the holidays. I'm going to post my products in the new year, so please be patient with me. The etsy account is also still on its way. I will eventually get those images of Cup holders, jewelry, and cell phone charms, and some t-shirts in there.

So from Cadaver Princess and Cadaver Prince,  Happy Holidays! Don't forget to watch The Nightmare Brefore Christmas. WATCH HIT DAMMIT! XD

Love to all!

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